Food is an integral part of health and knowing how to prepare great food is an important life skill. More importantly, food is supposed to be delicious!

Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes are meant to be fun! We will have both hands-on and demonstration cooking classes so you can sit back and watch a meal be prepared or get involved and cook alongside the chef.

Our Chefs

Our mission is to bring fun into learning cooking skills, recipes, and nutrition. Our Chefs embody this mission in each of their classes and their way of teaching.


If you have any questions about the Kitchen at Heart of Salisbury, please don't hesitate to send us a message!

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Cooking is an act of love

Cooking is an act of love, especially for families. We believe having friends and families sitting at the table and sharing great food is the first step towards building healthy communities.

Eileen DelPiano

Heart of Yoga - Salisbury14

She brings with her years of food education experience as well as her culinary expertise. She can cook just about anything and is passionate about teaching cooking techniques. One of her many specialties, is Mediterranean cuisine.

Wivianny Dehaas

Heart of Yoga - Salisbury16

Her passion for travel and food inspired to creation of the Heart of Salisbury Teaching Kitchen. Having taken cooking classes in different continents in the world, Wivianny wanted to bring that opportunity to Salisbury, NC. She loves sharing her cooking techniques and recipes that have been passed down by generations of her Portuguese/Italian family in Brazil.