Wivianny Dehaas

Wivianny is a dually licensed mental health/addictions therapist, who is passionate about yoga, cooking, nutrition, and sharing meals. She started cooking at a young age and enjoys cooking as an extension of love and care for those around her. She is also a board member at Rowan Helping Ministries and often volunteers in their kitchen, Jeanie’s Kitchen, which serves 3 meals a day to their shelter guests, and daily lunch to anyone in the community who is hungry.

“I started cooking at about age 9. I was just very interested in food and cooking. My grandfather in Brazil was a butcherer and other family members were in farming. I grew up watching and knowing the source of our food and when I came to the US, I felt that I lost that. Life was simply too busy for cooking and I noticed my health declining. That was when I had to re-asses my priorities and make changes to my lifestyle. It took me years, but I was able to return to my passion of cooking and educate my kids about food.” Wivianny is married and has two emerging adult children. “As a mom, the best family times are when we share a great meal at home, and as a therapist I can tell you, not sitting at the table together regularly to share a healthy meal, is one of the biggest losses for families.”