Firuza Ficas

Firuza Ficus

Firuza Ficus is a Belly Dance Professional with Blue Rose Bellydance Studio at Heart of Salisbury, offering Egyptian, Persian, Turkish, Tribal, and cabaret styles as well as Belly Dance Fusion. Firuza has over 16 years of experience in belly dance, and has previously performed with the Raq-A-Bellas and the Rhythmic Essence belly dance troupes. She is currently an active dancer in the Roses of the Realm, a Charlotte-area performance troupe best known for their stage show each year at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Firuza’s classes focus on encouraging dancers to express themselves. She believes that belly dance is for everyone, everybody, and every body.

Firuza has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Strategic Marketing, and works as a marketing and web design professional. When she is not on stage or teaching, she can be found in her garden or taking her dog for a walk at our local parks.